Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thanks to Sam Gallant for having me on 89.7 FM WTMD this morning.
Here is more press folks. See everyone saturday.

Huffington Post by Mike Smith-
Fredrick News Post by Cassandra Mullinix


  1. Sounded great this morning. Looking forward to saturday rockstar.

  2. Heard you on TMD this morning and was bowled over. Such an incredible and poignant song, and knowing where it came from made it all the more powerful. My 5 yr old son was listening too and he was floored that someone could "turn a letter into a song." How great is that, to be able to inspire peeps of all ages! Thank you!

  3. Heard you on WTMD this morning and I thought it was great. I would love to give a CD to a friend as a gift. Do you have CDs for sale or is it just available through downloads?